Playing Field


Bagnall Playing Field is in the centre of the village and has recently been refurbished being levelled and now having full drainage to prevent flooding.

The site comprises a sectioned off area, intended for use by residents of Bagnall parish, which has safety surfacing and currently contains one swing. Children under the age of six should be supervised at all times. The equipment is not suitable for teenagers. There is also a full-size grass football pitch with goal posts provided.

Dogs are not allowed on the field. Please remove your litter.

Owner Organisation of site                                           Bagnall Parish Council
Owner Type                                                                         Local Authority
Football Foundation Funded                                       No
Site Amenities Information
Car park                                                                                Yes
Changing rooms                                                                No
Toilet facilities                                                                    No
Disability access                                                                Yes
Facility Attributes
Facility size                                                                          Full-size under 10’s
Facility surface                                                                   Grass
No. of pitches                                                                     1
Goal posts available                                                        Yes
Floodlit                                                                                 No
Indoor                                                                                   No


Football pitch £10.00 weekly for practising by small organisations.

Football pitch £24.00 bi-weekly or £40.00 weekly for professional teams.

Site Address / Contact Information:
School Road
Bagnall                                                                                                 T. 07530 107638 / 07530 585558
Stoke on Trent                                                                                   E. /
ST9 9JP