Council Members

Councillor Andrew Batson, Vice-Chairman

Councillor Andrew Batson


Responsibilities:  Highways and Footpaths; Parish Assembly; Wetley Moor Committee

I am a retired Chartered Surveyor and a qualified Mine Surveyor. Together with my wife we have raised two children in Bagnall.

I have lived in Bagnall, in the family home, since 1987 when I moved with my employer from my native South Yorkshire to Staffordshire. During my career I specialised in the handling of subsidence claims which originated from many diverse origins. This experience has given me a working knowledge of many aspects of the environment which we live in.

I was co-opted on to the Parish Council in 2008 and have since been re-elected having served as Chairman and Vice Chairman for several years. Amongst other things I organise the monthly walking group in the village.

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Councillor Sybil Ralphs MBE

District Councillor for Bagnall and Stanley

I am the group leader of the Conservatives and Independent group and Council Leader at Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.  I was originally born in Leek and have served the Bagnall community for many years.  More to follow …


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Councillor Penny Dabell,

Councillor Penny Dabell


Position will be filled at the elections on 4 May 2023.

I am originally from the Isle of Wight but have lived in Staffordshire for the last 30 years. I moved to Bagnall just over 17 years ago and now run a successful Glamping business with my good friends for the last three years.

I work part-time as a bookkeeper which I have done for many years and also do accounts from home as well.  I have been on a couple of committees before, one as the Treasurer.

I am passionate about the area I live in and as a Parish Councillor I hope I will be able to preserve our beautiful landscape for all Bagnall residents. I will endeavour to listen to the needs and views of all with both compassion and empathy, whilst also having to accept that changes will be forthcoming in the future.  I will always be approachable for residents to talk to and share their concerns.


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Councillor James Weston

My family have lived within the parish since 1961 and I am the third generation to have lived in what
used to be my Grandparents house.
My wife and I now have a 7-month-old son who will hopefully be able to grow up in an area that we
are all passionate about. I am looking to be able to help safeguard the future of the outstanding
surroundings within Bagnall Parish for all future generations. I am here to any parishioners’ interests
and concerns.
I currently work as a Development Engineer at JCB in Cheadle and have been there for the past 13

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Councillor Andrew Krawiecki


I have lived in Bagnall for over 10 years, and greatly enjoyed my time here. In return I am aiming to make a positive contribution to the local community and area, in any way I can.
I have helped at the Village Hall in a number of ways, gardening, maintenance and at events. I might also have been seen by some  restoring dry stone walls around the local area.
Professionally, I worked in warehousing and transport for 40 years about half of that time being in Staffordshire. My involvement in what is still a ‘people business,’ where communication and regulation are key hopefully gives me a good base to work from. I am now retired.